Disability Inclusion Committee

Mission Statement: Working within and alongside the Center Stage Theater (CST) Board of Directors to create an environment of inclusion and understanding by removing barriers in order to promote participation backstage, on stage, and in the audience.


  • Appointing an Inclusion Liaison* for every CST production.

  • Honoring CST’s dedication to cast every actor who is willing to make the time commitment

  • Providing flexibility during auditions and rehearsals, including but not limited to, barrier-free facilities, individualized education and guidance, quiet spaces, safety and accessibility considerations.

  • Pairing actors with peer mentors.

  • Accommodating makeup and costume needs, including any allergies, sensitivities, sensory requests and safety concerns.

  • Coordinate ASL performances.

  • Organizing Sensory Show details. Watch our informational slideshow on this page or visit the Sensory Friendly Performances page here.

  • Ensuring barrier-free facilities for all performances.

*The Inclusion Liaison will help facilitate all of the above. This person will be available to all cast and crew, and should be considered a confidant and advocate where all participants are considered genuinely and equally.