Board of Directors

The Center Stage Theatre board members are volunteers who make administrative decisions associated with the advancement of theatrical experiences in the Kalamazoo area through activities with Center Stage Theatre. Center Stage Theatre operates as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, with the board as its governing body. Potential board members are presented to the current board at an annual August meeting and voted upon at that meeting for a term of one to two years. Board members are expected to miss no more than three of the monthly meetings in any calendar year. A board member may stay on the board for any length of time, but administrative positions must be elected.

2022-2023 Administrative Board

Douglas Gaertner, President

Deb Taylor, Vice-President

Gene Pettit, Financials

Carie Moerdyk, Secretary

Delma Radford, Marketing

Amber Bartholomew, Producer

2022-2023 Directors at Large

Anastasia Hughson

Ashleigh Lipes

Daniel J. Miller

Dawn Reitano

Keysha Gardner

Krista Pettit

Sarrah Riddle

Wendi Ruggles

2022-2023 Board Spotlighters

Abbie Walker

Chloe Leitch

Chloe Mae Page

Jenny Trout

Jeremy Riddle

Joe Clark

Kelly Short

Mary Beckley-Clark

Molly Flora

Nick Bosk

Nicole Leitch

Shelly Macdonald

Sheri Meadows

Steve Brubaker

Director Emeritus

B.J. Mohberg

Don Dillon

Duwain Hunt